Organize your Big Bag with our Pouch System


Do you feel like when you buy a big bag or backpack you just end up carrying around everything but the kitchen sink? Don't let your big bag turn into a black hole ! You can carry everything you need and still find it all. Just follow my easy steps to organizing that big bag 



I know this seems like somewhat of a Russian nesting doll experience , but hang in here with me for a moment. When you have a smaller bag inside your big bag you can keep all your most essential items in there. These are the items that you need when you run in for a quick errand. Don't take your big bag into every stop!

This smaller purse will hold your wallet, keys, lipstick, a mask, and phone. Here are the ones that I cycle through: 

MINI Purse: 

This is our bestselling small purse. It lays flat but holds a lot. You can swap straps, use it as a clutch or add a wristlet strap.


Sling Clutch:

The sling clutch is a smaller option that has only a wristlet strap, but still will hold a minimalist wallet, phone, keys and a few small essentials. 


3 Way Fanny Pack:

This is our newest bag and the great thing about it is its versatility! You can wear it as a purse, chest bag, fanny pack or even as a clutch when you remove the strap. 


2. Store wet/messy items in a vinyl bag 


       This is a great way to keep your purse clean and free of spills. With a leather purse you really want to avoid spilling any liquids in it, so a vinyl bag will help save your purse. You will also know exactly where to look when going for your lipstick, hand sanitizer or sunscreens. Check out a few of our favorites below. 

Small Vinyl Shaker Pouches:


 Vinyl & Fabric Cheetah Pouches:


3. Store your snacks in one bag

If you have kids, I know you have some graham cracker crumbs, smashed up granola bars, and forgotten fruit snacks at the bottom of that big bag! If you don't have kids and you still carry snacks around you are a girl after my own heart (food with me always) and you need a place to keep it and not let it mash up in the black hole. 

I think that the best snack bags are boxy bottom bags! They have plenty of room for everything and the shape and form keeps your goodies from getting mashed. We make plenty with vinyl outer fabric that will help protect your bag as well! 

Boxy Vinyl Leopard Bag: 


Boxy Vinyl Cow Bag: 

Boxy Vinyl Celestial Bag:


4. Tiny things go in tiny bags

Go check right now and see what is at the bottom of your bag. I'll give you a minute.... What did you find? Earrings, a necklace, spare change, batteries, vitamins or Advil? These little things need a little home, and putting them in a big pouch just means they end up tangled and lost again. Insert our half moon pouches! They are the cutest little accessory with a punch of personality that makes a perfect one for your tiny tchotchkes. You can even hook a few of them together, I suggest one for coins, one for jewelry, and one for headphones !

Half Moon Pouches:  


Heart Key Ring: 


5. Put soft items in a soft pouch: 


They key to organizing your bag comes down to two things: smaller bags inside the big bag, and knowing what is IN those small bags! Clear bags are easy, but you don't need them for everything. Soft bags made from cotton and canvas are more lightweight, smaller and perfect for all your soft items! Extra masks, tissues, panties, pads, etc. If you put the soft items in soft bags you will ALWAYS remember which pouch they are in! 

Travel Pouches:

6. Personal Items in a Personal Pouch:
The last thing you want floating around your purse is your feminine items! Stash your tampons in this perfect sized pouch and you won't have them all over your purse PLUS you don't have to hide them on your way to the bathroom! Carry a cute and inconspicuous little pouch instead. 
My last piece of advice is to start with a pouch SET! We currently have some pouch sets at a discount. Here are some of my favorites: 
This set is perfect for a clear bag starter set. It includes two sizes, a half moon and a keychain! 
Flat pouches are AMAZING for organizing any bag! It creates a filing cabinet system in your bag that makes finding things super easy. This set is great for starting that system. It also features wipeable, spill resistant vinyl! This would be a great gift for kids and students. Try to get them organizing their backpacks early on. 
This is the best way to buy our vinyl cheetah pouches. Have a matching set with this wipeable trio! 
I love this one for a little bit of everything! It features a clear pouch for those wet or messy items (also great for travel) , a half moon for the tiny stuff and a personal pouch! This would also make a great gift- especially for tweens! 
Now take your organized bag and enjoy! Remember to check everything and clean it up every couple of weeks! We check through our bags and post pictures to the hashtag #WhatsInYourBagWednesday every Wednesday ! Tag us @lanaraehandmade . 

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