Which Tote is Right for You?

 How to find your dream tote. women holding totes. black and brown leather totes

In the world of accessories, totes are the most useful purchase you can make. Not only do they carry all your stuff, but they carry YOU through life seamlessly. Need a bag for school and books? Get a tote. Landed your first job? Get a tote. Seasoned professional with laptops and files to lug around? Tote time. Having a baby? TOTES! Farmers Market, beach day, overnight getaway? Totes, totes, totes. 

Totes are the bag that will carry you through life and all of its experiences. But, when it comes to which type of tote to go with , you will find there are so many options. 

Here are a few Lana Rae totes and what I have found they are best for. 


What it is:

This is a gorgeous work of leather art. Featuring thick, sturdy leather, unlined raw interior and a stand alone structure that gives it a look of confidence and beauty only a bombshell can hold. 

What is it best for: 

The Bombshell is my roomiest option for keeping all of your items accessible and close. With the open top snap closure your items will be secure, but also easy access. It easily fits a laptop, small purses and bags, a sweater, snacks and maybe even a small puppy. The thick and sturdy leather holds a ton of weight without losing its shape and still conforms beautifully to your body. 


-Thick durable leather

-Stand Alone Shape

- Crossbody and shoulder handle straps

-Open top for easy access 

-Spacious and roomy for large or heavy items



What it is: 

Our zipper top totes are made of the classic soft and buttery leather that we are known for. They have a flexible, roomy shape with tons of space and a cozy look that goes with every outfit. Fabric lining and lots of pockets make for a multifunctional bag that will last you for many years and seasons of life. 

What is it Best for? 

The Zipper top makes this tote your best option if you are worried about tips and spills. Have a crazy busy life that leaves you tossing that purse to the back of the car, over the side of a chair, into the shopping cart or slung in an entryway of a busy household? The zipper will keep all your goodies inside and safe! The boxy bottom of this bag means plenty of room for everything you need to go from the gym, to work, shopping, practice and overnight getaways. 

 Within this category we have several options! Here they are: 

Leather Colorblock Zippertop: 

The perfect look for dressing up or down. Real, rich & beautiful leather is soft and lasts a lifetime. The classic colorblock leather gives this a timeless look that works with so many outfits. 

Leather Black Zippertop: 

All black is a timeless look that goes with everything. This is the easiest option to wear dressy and take to work. Beautiful pebbled black leather makes this tote as soft as it is durable. This is your “little black dress” bag.

Vegan Leather Zippertop: 

Vegan leather is a classic option for the leather conscious, or those of us that are a little rough on our accessories. It holds a bit of a sturdier shape and is also water and life proof. Vegan leather requires very little care and almost everything will wipe right off of it. While vegan leather has a shorter lifespan, it will last years and is great for watersports and active lifestyles or busy moms. 


When it comes to buying a tote, you honestly can't go wrong! I guarantee you will find yourself grabbing it for so many occasions. I gravitate towards mine more than any other bags in my collection. I also keep a small purse (like the MINI) in mine so that if I have a quick errand I can just grab that. I also love swapping out my crossbody straps with all the fun options we have!

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