About Us

About the Brand: 

Lana Rae features bags and purses for women looking for something unique to their personality with classic elements. Our products are handmade in California and reflect the Sunshine State's shiny but timelessly unique fashion. Browse our products and you will fine a rich contrast of brown and black leather with fun accents like serape, mermaid scales and animal prints . Our bags are built to last through every stage in life. 

About the Owner: 


Roxi Olivas is the maker and owner behind Lana Rae Handmade. Born and raised in California and now raising three kids of her own in the sunny state, she brings this element into her designs.  As a child, Roxi loved to sew and create but it wasn't until after becoming a teacher and having children that she yearned to make that creative aspect of her life a business. Now she has found herself juggling the hats of small business ownership and raising kids while homeschooling them and living with her high school sweetheart in Sunny SoCal.

About the Products: 


Our bags are thoughtfully designed with your life in mind. Every bag is a labor of love. From design to production, you can guarantee that each aspect of your purse has been poured over and made with love. We use quality fine leather, real Serape Blankets imported from Mexico and handpicked fabrics to create a product that is classically timeless with unique accents.